Lyft Bad Customer Support

Lyft Bad Customer Support

What Lyft did:
I’m a lyft driver on January 18th I gave 2 gentlemen a ride to New jersey which was 80 some miles away when we got to the location they asked me if I could give them a ride back which I didn’t have the problem doing so they didn’t speak good English and they didn’t know how to update the address in the app to go back which as a driver it allows me to update the destination which I did to go back where I picked them up and then not even 5 minutes before dropping them off at the truck stop they asked and pointed to the hotel so I once again updated the location to the hotel to keep lyft informed and so they could track the ride so I dropped them off all went well and I go home and goto bed because I worked my full time job 3 hours later and when I woke up I received a email saying that I was doing fraudulent use of my app and that they took my earnings for that fare. So I replied and told them what was going on and all they said was the reserve the right to take or withhold part of fare if they deemed I was using the app fraudulently which I haven’t and since then I’ve been trying to get updates with no luck they haven’t replied to me I haven’t gotten anything from them saying they are still investigating nothing. So that Friday the 21st I drive again and now the express pay is blocked I can’t even access the money I just made that day in all lyft owes me 236 for the January 18th plus my Friday fare which shows a express pay of 140 can be cashed out which grand total is 376 when I try to cash out it tells me that it’s blacked and to try again in 48 hours it’s been 72 hours and still can’t cash out so at this point they are withholding all my money that I have earned legally

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Just what I’m owed which is 376 dollars

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