AT&T Claim for Compensation

AT&T Claim for Compensation

What AT&T did:
Physically and mentally they put me in sane.I got a iPhone 12 on May 21, 2021 I wanted to get off my son then my son reminded me that I still owe money on that phone I return the phone on June 2 I reported everything to AT&T gave them all the information they need it and they’re still keep on taking money out of my account For that iPhone 12 I Don’t have they keep on overdraw my account i’m going to the grocery store to get food for my children’s at my card gets declined because they are keep on taking money out of my account last month I had no food for my kids I had to ask people for help now they sent me a new bill for $746.65I keep on calling them and they say they will put the money in 3 to 5 days but any meanwhile it’s $35 a day for overdraw my account.I only receive Social Security of $832 a month I’m going through a divorce buy them keep an eye taking the money it’s putting a lot of stress on me. Every time I get a bill I called them and they say they handle it but they don’t because they keep on taking the money Out of my account and every person Just about every person I talk to from AT&T I can barely understand him when I asked him where they’re from they say Africa and India. Today is August 2, 2021 where I received a bill of $746.65 the phone will never been used I called them right away he wouldn’t tell me where She was from but she said that I owe that money and I will take it out I told her not to do that and close my banking account I don’t know what else to do it’s just too much

I don’t like to say it like this but I am from Germany I am not perfect but they need to hire people who speak better English

Submitted by: Anonymous AT&T customer in Burlington | Read more AT&T complaints

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