Bank of America Locked My Account

Bank of America Locked My Account

What Bank of America did:
Violations of the Truth In Lending Act by charging monthly interest, cash transactions, denial of disclosure of determination of the finance charge and right of rescission forms, Fair Credit Billing Act by failure to correct billing errors, Fair Credit Reporting Act by reporting exclusions prohibiting specific authorizations and extensions of credit, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act by taking prohibited collection practices, Equal Credit Opportunity Act by discriminating against the consumer for good faith exercise of consumer rights, Electronic Fund Transfer Act by blocking remittance transfers and failure to resolve remittance errors, False Claims Act by insinuating I am an obligor and compelling fiduciary performance when their SEC filings enumerate trustee and obligor roles.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

Refund of all repayments, damages of twice the finance charge for TILA violations, not more than $10,000 for discrimination under the ECOA, deletion of derogatory marks from consumer reporting agency reports, maximum damages for Electronic Fund Transfer Act violations, $30,000 for mental anguish, actual damages for decrease of credit limits and credit denials, maximum damages to be awarded for collection actions prohibited by the FDCPA

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