Chase Bank Claim for Compensation

Chase Bank Claim for Compensation

What Chase Bank did:
So chase sent me a 8,700 dollar sapphire credit card . I used it for 4 days than they shut the card off . I asked why and they said because I need to prove my identity . I said you guys send people credit cards without fully identifying them first ? Wow !! So they requested a picture of my social security card drivers license and a utility bill . I told them I lost my social security card but I can send my birth certificate if you want ! They said no we need your social security card and there is no going around that requirement . I said ok I will go and get that . They said send it to us and we will send u another card different nunber and different card . So I got my social security card and sent it to them and I called them a few days later and they said they will not be issuing me another card or re opening my account !! I said excuse me ? So u make me get my social security card misled me and told me you will send me another card and I will have my 8,7000 limit back now your telling me you won’t do it ? What’s the reason I have a 740 credit score zero collections and you want to lie to me and tell me you shut the card off because I needed to verify my identity and when I do verify my identity you want to say you will not re open my account and won’t give any reason ? It’s either discrimination or something else !! Also it was like a 500 dollar balance that I used on it and I paid it in full because I don’t play with people money !!! I pay my debts !!! This was very unprofessional and ridiculous!! Seems like these big banks are big scammers and get away with everything !!!

Submitted by: Anonymous Chase Bank customer in Oakland | Read more Chase Bank complaints

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