DISH Network Claim for Compensation

DISH Network Claim for Compensation

What DISH Network did:
I’m on my third year with dish. I received the two year contract and now that it’s ended my rate went up from 90.00 a month to 145.00 a month and I can’t pay that. My daughter and grandsons also live with me. But I am a senior citizen on a fixed income. I get paid once a month and I just can’t pay the 60.00 a month extra! When I signed up for Dish I was not informed that my bill would go up so high after the 2year period. When I asked how much higher it would go up the representative told me That no more than 10.00. Because I told her that 100.00 a month is my max! So now I’m in a stressful situation trying to pay the extra. Please help me. I’m disabled and about the only thing that I do is sit in my chair and watch tv all day, every day!. Please help me! And I didn’t mention because I can’t pay it then every month I incure a late payment and then they charge me extra to make a payment extension!

I just want the extra money that I have paid them since my contract was up and to go back to 90.00 a month without changing the programming.

Submitted by: Anonymous DISH Network customer in Tucson | Read more DISH Network complaints

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