HughesNet Claim for Compensation

HughesNet Claim for Compensation

What HughesNet did:
I had order HughesNet paid the $100 installation fee I was told I had enough service in my area to complete my school work online. When tech arrived I was told I did not service ness cancels and my $109 install fee was to be returned I’m 24 hours it took 3 mths to receive my money back and hours on the phone was told the tech came out they can keep the deposit no no serves was installed so I was only refunded $50 and the worst part that was the extra money I had for internet for school I didn’t have the extra so needless to say I have to drive 3Omins to and from to use wifi and had to get a babysitter and so many other issues to due to this lie and inconvenience!! Have better service and don’t try to keep people hard earn money!

Submitted by: Anonymous HughesNet customer in Concord | Read more HughesNet complaints

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