Metro by T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

Metro by T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

What Metro by T-Mobile did:
On Friday July 2nd 2021 I went to Metro to obtain a phone and service. When I checked my statement it has the inaccurate date showing 6/29/21 and also had the name on the account incorrect as well as charging an extra $9 that was not discussed for some protection plan. I chose Metro because they allegedly accepted ebb benefits however the associates were adamant that that was no longer available. Associates very rude disrespectful yelling and swearing at another client before taking him out refusing to deactivate a phone he was requesting termination for. After he left continued to yell and swear between each other about him going to jail and being a deadbeat causing extreme anxiety as I suffer from anxiety disorder. Within 10 days of owning my new phone it stopped working and started sporadically turning on and off. It often turned off and would not turn back on for up to an hour during which time it also would not take a charge. Contacted Metro and they stated I needed to submit an insurance claim. While on the phone I asked them about the EBB program which they also knew nothing about but connected me to a T-Mobile customer representative to assist me since they are Metro by T-Mobile. After 40 minutes on the line with T-Mobile they were trying to get me to sign up with them and pay them $160 to switch my line and activate it with them would be assuranceThat EBV benefits could be linked online but gave no guarantee. I chose T-Mobile because my plan was $50 and EBV benefits are a $50 discount. I went in expecting to apply this and instead spent $130 including the purchase of my phone which was the cheapest phone they had I assume although I was given very few options as the store had terrible inventory. Then after having the technical issue T-Mobile wanted me to pay $160 only 10 gaze into my metro service that I had already paid $50 for. I feel that the company is misrepresenting and uneducated about services and benefits available. I feel by switching my call to T-Mobile and I’m trying to have me sign up with them while thinking I was still speaking with Metro was a bait and switch and I was being taken advantage of. Now, one month into my plans, the bill was paid on the 27th, I finally was able to link ebb benefits and they will be applied the next billing cycle. I did however pull up my account information and see that I was charged in additional $59 for subscriber services this month which I know nothing about. The store in New Bedford Mass on {{ address hidden }} is extremely incompetent and staff is highly uneducated rude and disrespectful. I also still have problems with my phone’s turning off and not turning back on, I am not able to press the restart button, only the power off. If I hit reset, it goes back into the turning off and staying off mode. I don’t know if any of this qualifies for a case but this company is highly unprofessional and I have now spent significantly more money than anticipated between my $50 plan and additional $9 charge for I don’t even know what, paid two billing cycles and now finally will have benefits applied for next month. They should not advertise accepting those benefits if they have no idea what they are, the Metro customer service line either. The phone I received was revvl 4 and it was only after I purchased the phone that I was told it normally comes with a case and screen protector but they had none in stock so I could either get a Bluetooth speaker or earbuds. I have not been able to find the case for this phone yet yesterday, July 28th, less than one month into owning my phone, I accidentally dropped it and the whole screen spider shattered due to not being in a case, a case that I was supposed to receive when purchasing my phone and again not mentioned until after the purchase was made

Compensation for feet and sweat, misleading advertisement of accepting government benefits and appalling customer service causing extreme anxiety and almost triggering a panic attack. I will never go to that store again and now although in class which I do on my phone, my screen is cracked so it is very difficult for teacher or students to see me during zoom making it hard to read documents and see class as well.

Submitted by: Anonymous Metro by T-Mobile customer in New Bedford | Read more Metro by T-Mobile complaints

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