Sprint Claim for Compensation

Sprint Claim for Compensation

What Sprint did:
I was with sprint For almost 2 year and my bill was averaging bet we. 75-100$ bill and they kept trying make me pay . i tried to even offer them payment plan at the time so that we would come to some agreemment before they sent my account to billings. Ao they told me they would have the billings supervisor to call me to discuss my optoins . i waited over a week and body called me. It was about 4 days later that I go to try to make a call that I Couldnt because they suspended my account without even telling me anything first . they wouldnt even let me set up payment arrangement or anything. They put more charges on there afterwards saying that I refused to pay anything . which was a lie . ..now i have a negative collections on my credit score now of a unpaid balance of 3,692$ , because of the late fees and disconnection charge. Which they disconnected themselves i didnt . they put me at risk of loosing job I had because my phone was how I made my money .

Submitted by: Anonymous Sprint customer in Houston | Read more Sprint complaints

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