Straight Talk Bad Customer Support

Straight Talk Bad Customer Support

What Straight Talk did:
I was gifted a phone for christmas from my husband. Within three weeks, the phone completely quit working. It was not damaged at all, the malfuntion was internal. I called straight talk customer service to address the issue. They assured me that the replacement process would be easy and I would have a replacement withing 3-5 business days of them recieving my damaged phone. They emailed me the return info, i dropped the phone off with ups, and got confirmation of their reciept of the return a couple of days later. After several business days had passed, I called to inquire as to why i had not gotten an email with tracking info on my shipment. This is where the real fun began. I have called multiple times only to be told another 3-5 days and i will recieve my replacement. I have been told that the phone I purchased is out of stock and they can’t replace it, eben though it is for sale on their website. I’ve been refused a refund after I asked for one (since they are unable to replace the product I purchased) to which they replied without hesitance that a refund is out of the question. They said they would select a phone of similar value to send me. I was adamantly against them sending me anything other than what we had purchased, but it doesn’t really matter because that replacement hasn’t happened either. I have requested a refund or replacement multiple times over 5+ weeks and they continue to tell me that they will escalate it to the warehouse and to call back in 3-5 days. At this point it is simply theft. They have the phone and the money that we spent on it and are refusing to return either one. I need some help.

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I would like a full refund for the purchase price plus all taxes and fees.

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