T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

What T-Mobile did:
I want to the T-Mobile in Saint Augustine Florida on route one. Approximately three weeks ago to get new Sim cards before I was a sprint customer and they were telling me I needed a new sim card. The sales person Travis tried to sell me and my wife new phones he looked at our phones And told me my phone was worth 200 My phone was an iPhone eight my wife’s phone which was an iPhone X was worth 400. He checked both our phones out and kept pushing a new phone on the both of us I told him I had two kids coming home from college I would think about it and when they got there I would bring them back and we would get new phones. I went back today July 29 to the same store brought my phone and two of my sons phones they immediately looked at my phone and said that they would have to look at all of our phones she got a flashlight looked at it then said she (Summer)need to get another light and disappeared for about five minutes to another room with my phone. I went and knocked on the door because I was not comfortable with them having my phone for so long, for no reason my phone was brand new it was in an auto box from the day I bought it till today. Never worked on and never got wet. She came out and said the store manager said that the phone was not worth nothing I asked for the manager and they’re trying to tell me that some white strip I’m supposed to be able to see which I couldn’t say they say it wasn’t there any problems I so the phone had been touched. I have never had my phone touched since the day I bought it the only time I was taught was by Travis who had put in the new Sim card that they were requesting me to put in my sprint phone.The store manager walked away and said that there was nothing they could do his name was Drew. I feel as though they took my phone into the back room without my consent and I don’t know what they did to my phone it’s not working right now and I’m wondering if they could have done anything to shorten the life of this phone in the back room while It was out of my site for nearly 5 minutes. Or if it could’ve been done when the Sim card was being installed. I am very uncomfortable with the fact they had my phone in a back room for five minutes without my consent I have no idea what they did to my phone. I was looking for the plan that Travis told me I would get $200 for my phone the same phone Travis looked at toward a new iPhone 12 mini. Also while I was there I noticed my old address was still on the bill. I asked why it is not updated to the new address which I have been living at for almost 3 years. We used to live in Boston Massachusetts nearly 3 years ago I moved to Saint Augustine Florida where I had a change of address with the post office my license as well as many other things. I noticed on the bill that I am being charged nearly $12 per month for a Massachusetts state tax when I have not lived in Massachusetts for nearly 3 years. I asked them if Florida is losing out on the taxes that I should’ve been paying to the state of Florida and not to the state of Massachusetts and how many other sprint customers or T-Mobile or AT&T or any other phone company are not giving taxes to the proper state. Their answer to me was you would’ve paid taxes whether it was a Florida tax or a Massachusetts tax that makes no sense. states are losing out on their tax revenue because phone companies are not doing their due diligence and I want to do something about that. Whether it is a lawsuit or a class action lawsuit I would like to look into that part of the bill. It is not right at the state of Florida has not been receiving

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