T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

What T-Mobile did:
LAST August me and my significant other Bradley, went into the T-Mobile store in Tucson Arizona inside the Tucson mall. the gentleman who worked there that evening his name was Mark he was a manager we walked in there hoping to get radley a note 20 ultra they had just come out, and there is a promotion for BOGO, so because rarely is anything in this life ever free I decided I would take the free note 20 ultra unfortunately it’s never been free I’ve been charged for it every single month.. about $60 each phone so roughly $120 more than we are used to paying. another problem is I get a different answer from every single T-Mobile representative I talk to there is no team of experts for me. I have heard so many ridiculous things one of them is that I do not have the all-in-one plan it’s three lines for $110 I have had that plan for almost 4 years and suddenly I don’t have it anymore but that’s not really my problem my problem is when we went into that Tmobile store in the Tucson mall, Mark the manager of that store used my social security number and my email address to open a separate account because he promised us he would work his magic and then watches were free and he kept throwing stuff in there but don’t worry it’s free well guess what it’s not even close to free and that’s again not my biggest problem he used my social security and my email to open a completely separate account which rest assured has been closed, nobody at T-Mobile will tell me who opened it who closed it who managed it nothing. and recently here on July 25th of this year I set up a payment arrangement for a past due amount I have with T-Mobile I believe the card I used ended in ******** the wee hours of July 26th T-Mobile to get upon themselves to use my brand new debit card I have had five since last August when Mark got a hold of my card it’s been hacked consistently I get a new card it gets hacked I get a new card it gets hacked I have never given T-Mobile the debit card number they used to charge my bank account three times on July 26th. when I asked them about it they told me it wasn’t T-Mobile, haha sometimes I just have to laugh. I called my bank the following day and they assured me Not only was the T-Mobile but they tried to charge me three separate times and so far in the month of July I have given T-Mobile over $300 and somehow my phone bill is almost $700 so so my phone bill went from $110 a month plus tax to $1,000 a month plus tax and I am getting nowhere talking to T-Mobile I have waited a year for any manager to call me back never received one call and like I said every single time I get on the phone with a T-Mobile representative they say all these things and they never do any of them and a week later I’ll call and then representative has absolutely no idea what I’m even talking about. it’s starting to affect the quality of my life these people are making me crazy my favorite thing they do is you finally get a manager after waiting for three days and he just sits on the phone not saying a word I started recording my phone calls with T-Mobile because that’s how crooked they are

I have spent so many hours so many hours on the phone with T-Mobile I’ve missed out on my youngest son moments that I can’t get back and the way that they’ve treated me and my family they have flat out told me this is the last time we will ever give you a credit no more credits ever for your account you know what those credits really are their corrections because every single month my phone bill is a different number it’s like spinning the wheel and seeing where it lands and then they have to fix it and it somehow turns into me demanding credits I don’t want a single credit from T-Mobile I want them to be truthful and give me an accurate phone bill

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