Verizon Wireless Claim for Compensation

Verizon Wireless Claim for Compensation

What Verizon Wireless did:
I went in for an upgrade on my iPhone 8 because it was acting strange like downloading things by itself …posting my personal info on google maps …creating shortcuts etc. I went to Cellco dba Verizon’s Pelham parkway in Hoover Al last July or early August… and got an iPhone 11 and the Seth Walked to the back of the store and brought the phone out already completely set up with my Apple ID and everything already on it which I found really strange but was so ready to get rid of the other one I didn’t harp on it. The device started doing the same thing as soon as I got home. I took the phone back to the store to return it and the guy there didn’t look at the phone ask me any questions just flat out told me no he would not be lettting me return it because there was nothing wrong with it …i thought I was in bizarro world…the phone will not factory wipe …I tried taking it to another store and 2 corporate stores one in Tuscaloosa and one on hwy 280 in Birmingham ..also to Cellco Dba Verizon in vestavia hills , Verizon in jasper , and Verizon in Northport and one in Alabaster. I spent hours on the phone with customer care because the phone wouldn’t ring …I couldn’t disable call forwarding …and my phone number would always say it was not a working Verizon phone number which was verified by the northport Verizon employee and upon calling the store I purchased the phone from they gave some inventory excuse whatever that is and she verified it was not a valid excuse and made no sense. This phone has so far cost me 40,000 in lost wages over the last year ..not to mention my reputation has been ruined because someone is accessing my social media accounts and threatening people as me …and threatening me and apparently was sending my ex messages that violated a protective order she had gotten against me for again something I did not do and due to the police and my own attorney not even asking to search this devil device to prove my innocence because it will …along with the testimony of two officers who were present when she claimed I slammed a door in her face but I also needed my phone records to get just the text message transmission time stamps …I do not need the context of the texts and because I could never create an account online due to it always saying my number did not exist …I could not print a copy of them myself. So Verizon is making me subpoena my own phone records !!..which means lawsuit which I was going to file anyway for breach of contract and lost wages and false arrest . So it’s cost me almost everything I’ve worked for the past 4 yrs …my business savings …my credit , and is close to costing me my sanity. The harassment and mocking by their customer care agents and ALL but ONE of their store employees is frankly the most unbelievable mess I’ve ever seen in my life.

Oh no I want money …because what they owe me for what they’ve cost me …that I can very well prove …I’ve got screen shots and numerous recorded calls from their untrained rude disrespectful agents as well as 5 employees I can describe and which store they worked at and around what time. This device kept saying it was remote device managed …none of the codes would work ..I was getting messages from people but it always seemed to be the “same person”. Same personality same scripted talking lines and then there was Sakiera …talked to her on NUMEROUS occasions and she always said she had never spoken to me that’s when I decided to start recording . Also my device frequently showed me logged in as a Mac which I do not own …and always had me in Huntsville or east georgia …and when people would call me from my co tact numbers it would not at all sound like them ….and I found out Verizon has a call center in Huntsville….so I would like compensation for the wasted hours I spent on the phone with their employees who NEVER solved the issue …for breach of contract and being forced to keep this phone that has been the WORST slowest most unresponsive iPhone I’ve ever owned ..for not giving me my phone records that led to me being arrested and becusse the police didn’t bother to ask to look at the phone even after I’d been there 3 other times to complain of someone or something having access to the thing …and they still refuse …I’d like my 40,000 for lost wages due to me not being able to advertise and all communications being intercepted by someone evil and rude and violent ..I coukdnt make my Loan payments online anymore and have lost my little bit of credit I had been building over the last 3 years …i was on the verge of suicide a few months back and the national suicide prevention hotline chat HUNG UP ON ME TWICE …but again it was that same “personality” as all the others …their lines are always “I’m so sorry to hear that you’re going thru that ” but they would say it at inappropriate times …and once when I called because my two factor authentication wasn’t working the girl started laughing and told me to get off drugs ….and if y’all deal with AT&T they seemed to pick up the slack where Verizon left off I actually recorded thru a packet capture an at&t employee uploading 3 viruses into my network including a Trojan that is still there …I also continuously see liveperson. Net or live .com as the people I’m really speaking to and they intercepted an email I was trying to send to the ACLU. So I’m gonna need ALOT more than the refund for a crap phone. It all started I believe the day my SIM card went off and said no service and I had to call and get some code …I fully believe my ex put spyware and there is clearly a key logger but Verizon should have been able to see that but they also refused to let me change my number when I told them the website would go so far and then reboot I asked to use the stores phone to call customer service to change it while I was in the store and was flat out told no …I was selling 3-4 transmissions a month for almost 4 yrs and when this stuff started strange at first and then when I got this upgrade my business all but hit a brick wall except for the ones who would call and have me build one or be on my way to bring it to them and they would t answer or would have some excuse to no longer be buying it …this went on up until I just stopped advertising about a month ago.

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