Verizon Wireless Claim for Compensation

Verizon Wireless Claim for Compensation

What Verizon Wireless did:
On August 1st my wife was charged, 748.59 on her Verizon wireless phone bill, on July second she was charged 929.58, June 1st 796.86, May second 682.06, April 1st $670, all for long distance calls she made to Japan. My wife is originally from Japan. On May 9th I realized the May and April bill charges while checking to see if I got paid and called Verizon to figure out why the bill was so high. They told me about the long distance calls that my wife made which I recalled telling her she could make since for some reason the long distance service on our Lan line stopped working the month prior. So they told me since all the calls she made were to Japan, that my wife could upgrade her plan to a global plan for an extra 15 dollars a month, which would give her free cell to lan line calls to japan and cell to japan cell calls for 14 cents a minute. I asked them to sign me up. The lady went through the motions and said I was all set. She said the bill next month may still be a little high because only the calls made from the 9th of May on will be covered by the plan, but whatever long distance calls she had already made before that in the billing cycle would be charged at the regular long distance rate. I said okay. So I got off the phone and told my wife she could make long distance calls without worrying. Well, today I check my bank account to see if I got paid, and I wonder why my account is so low, I’m a teacher and I’m working summer school so I get paid twice in the summer and I expected it to start looking like I have money. It looked surprisingly lower than when last I checked. I noticed the August Verizon charge and was like, what the heck is going on? Then I pulled up the record from the previous couple of months and saw the plan the woman said she put me on never went into effect. So I immediately called Verizon. The first person I contacted via text seemed to be polite, admitted that there was a note that we were signed up for the upgraded plan on the 9th of May but the person I spoke with made a mistake and apparent just added the allowance of long distance calling, which I already had. I don’t know if I was charged anything for that mistake. I said okay well, can you refund me all the extra money that was taken in the months in which I should have been covered by the monthly plan? I had expected to only pay about 90 dollar per month starting in June. He said the billing cycle was from the 14th of the month to the 15th of the following month and calculated that they owed me 1527.72
I had expected more but was never good at Math and the billing cycle excuse kind of confused me. I thought I would get back 2090.23, which is what I had calculated they owed if I had only been charged 90 a month starting in June. Anyway he explained to me why it was only 1527.72 He said the June bill was a reflection of international calls made from the 14th of April to the 9th of May. I said okay how soon will the money be back in my account. He said it usually takes 48 hours for a large amount like this to transfer. Then he said he is still communicating with managers and supervisors to get the refund approved. Then suddenly he said we have some alarming findings. Apparently multiple text message were sent to my wife’s cell phone warning her when her long distance rate charges exceeded $100 in these past few months. The messages asked her if she wanted to add the global plan. Then they asked me why she didn’t call in to deal with the problem earlier. I was like I don’t know if she even saw the texts. My wife is Japanese she doesn’t speak English very well and if she saw an 800 number text flash she very well might have ignored it as a spam advertisement or something. This of course was all speculation, I didn’t ask her straight out if she had seen any texts because I didn’t want her to feel accused of the mistake Verizon made. Verizon’s response to that was we can try to change her alerts to Japanese but nobody made us aware that she doesn’t speak English, and that because we were partially at fault that they would only give us back 60% of the money. Then he said to count myself lucky because usually they only give back 50%. So that made me think this kind of thing happens often, like it’s a scam they run. My wife does speak English but at that point I started threatening to take them to court for discrimination because it’s like their saying my wife is partially at fault for being Japanese. I did eventually ask my wife if she had seen any texts. She said may have seen an incoming text flash on the screen from time to time but she never opened it because she never expects to text anyone on her phone and figured she was all set to make long distance calls. She wasn’t trying to buy any other plans, I mean that’s what they told me, and what I told her, that we were all set.
She never clicked in to any of the texts they sent to read them. She doesn’t really text people on her phone either. she uses fb messenger but does not often check her cell’s text messages to receive messages. She just doesn’t use it. Now they want to penalize her for not seeing these texts that suggest us purchasing a plan that was already suppose to be on our account? I told them it didn’t matter if we saw the text and called in right away or missed the texts and called in as soon as we found the mistake. The bottom line is that a mistake was made by the Verizon company, I was told they would do something they didn’t do and got charged an exorbitant fee for it. I should get all my money back. His response is multiple warnings were sent by their automated system and the long distance calls were still being made. I started getting the feeling that these guys were texting from a script. English is my wife’s second language but if she had seen the texts, I’m sure she would have understood what they said and showed me. She never saw the texts. Or she may have seen something flash from Verizon and figure, she didn’t need to read that because I had already taken care of the billing problem. They decided to give us back $800 dollars. I told them I want to cancel my account after the money is returned and that I would be taking them to court to get the rest of the money that was stolen, because that is not right. When your company makes a mistake you don’t blame your costumer for it. You refund them the full amount. This legitimately sounds like a scam they run on international customers with a history of making long distance phone calls. I honestly believe that. They say they didn’t know English was her second language, but all the long distance calls were made to Japan. They are obviously targeting international customers here. Do you think I have a legitimate case? Is it worth it to get the other 700 or so dollars they owe me or is the ordeal going to cost me more than its worth? Would it be possible to get back the money they owe plus whatever legal fees I have to pay you or a lawyer if I need one? I’d appreciate advice on this. Thanks. Another thing I found which they didn’t mention upon looking at the messages on my wife’s phone is she was sent a text message that said something like click on the following link to add the global calling plan to Japan, or something like that. I don’t know if it was on the same date as when I tried to set up the plan with someone or after, but whoever I spoke to never said look out for an activation confirmation link because the plan won’t go into affect until you click it. I am not sure if that was the reason the plan never went into affect or not but the first person I texted with from Verizon said the first operator I spoke with had just added the the long distance I already had which didn’t make any sense. I really think it’s a scam.

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