Barclays Bad Customer Support

Barclays Bad Customer Support

What Barclays did:
I have a credit card with Barclay Bank.
I have had this account for about 5 years and have never missed a payment.
I have been trying to get them to remove a wrongfully reported 30 days past due on one credit burea & now after disputing one of the three bureaus is reporting 60 days late.
I first noticed this several months ago. I called and once reported to customer service I was told it was placed in error and would be removed right away, it was not.
I called again and was told the same thing, that I just needed to wait until the next cycle to see the removal.
I waited yet it still did not get removed.
I called again and was again told, “oh yes that was suppose to waived”.
I waited again, nothing.
When I called the 4th time I asked to be transferred to a supervisor who informed me that no it would not be removed.
I explained I had already been told by 3 customer reps it would. She said they were incorrect and that it won’t be.
I explained to her what the issue was,
In January of 2020 I had gone on to my account to make a payment and it stated there was no payment due at this time.
It also said this in February, I had seen this many times before yet usually would make my payment regardless, when I do make a payment I always pay several times over what is usually due.
Most months it will say I owe $29.00/mo, I normally always pay several hundred dollar payment as I use this card frequently.
What I had assumed by their payment center stating “you have no scheduled payment at this time”, was that because I make extra large payments they covered future payments as well.
As I said, I always paid regardless but when I saw it in Jan 2020, it was just after the holidays so I thought I would take advantage of this option for a change.
What I just stated though I was told wasn’t true, and they do not offer this option. I was so upset because I knew I saw it and believe I had taken a picture of it just in case however I lost the photos on my phone for 2020 due to loosing a phone.
I told them that on the credit account it even says payment for the supposed missed payment “paid on 2/2020” next to the marked missed April payment.
My credit is ruined by now having a missed payment on it.
I have just figured out I def am correct and found that this card
has a payment due on one page and no payment due on another!
Its such a scam!

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

Remove the missed payment from my credit account, increase my available credit due to it being lowered because of this, and redress for the months of ruined credit, stress, aggravation, & character defamation.
I am tired of these banks destroying people in a blink of an eye!
They were not suppose to report negative info to credit reports during covid either!

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Submitted by: Anonymous in Massachusetts | Read more Barclays complaints

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