Verizon Bad Customer Support

Verizon Bad Customer Support

What Verizon did:
The problems began 7/15/2021. On 8/20/2021 a Verizon representative deleted my account 342409594-00001 with INTUITIVE GROUP LLC out of anger and negligence. The issue went on until 9/9/2021, I thought, but my account is continuing to be stolen from by Verizon. My account has always had insurance and when Verizon decided to sabotage my account, asurions system was not acknowledging the coverage that my statements clearly showed. This was a big problem because I was not able to file a claim my iPhone 12 Pro Max. ***** continuously advised Verizon either fix the system error or send me a replacement. Of course Verizon never would do what was expected and on 9/9/2021 Verizon agreed to crediting $1199 which the email will be attached. Verizon has acknowledged and issued credits to my business account but someone within the corporation continuously deducts from and tamper with my account. I have hundreds of documents, including real time credit balances, pdf And screenshots from chat conversations with Verizon business . I have emails and information from Verizon’s records.. Verizon owes me $2,052.33 and it has been requested numerous times and have been told by Verizon that a request for check has been submitted and and received within 14 days but Verizon has somehow stolen funds from an account that was closed in September and hasn’t had a MDN attached to account for same length. Verizon is having a hard time assuming responsibility for the damage and cost this has created. Verizon does not mind employing a vindictive, vicious staff that uses profanity and obscene languange. Clearly does not mind sabotaging its customers business accounts and no respect for a companies efforts to establish a business and its success. I’ve never been told the truth by anyone that represents Verizon. They notate your account with lies and irrelevant crap to prevent issues being resolved. Verizon representatives never address the situation at hand, just read whatever false information was provided in notes by previous untrustworthy representatives. My plan was $45.00 a month. Verizon has stolen my credit balace and somehow sent me a bill for more than, $2,000. I have every bill generated and clearly the pattern shows theft and lack of business ethics and honesty! From my credit balance to the balance being shown now is almost a $5,000 difference!

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Refund the amount that’s been stolen.

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