Boost Mobile Bad Customer Support

Boost Mobile Bad Customer Support

What Boost Mobile did:
I ordered a phone on their website, they took money out of my account but never sent my confirmation email. A few days later UPS sends me a tracking # telling me the phone would be delivered on the 5th. Guy came but never drop off the phone. I later put an investigation on the order and ask Boost Mobile for an update on the phone they claimed I never order a phone etc.. but eventually saw I did (this is important because later they claimed I didn’t again and will not give me a refund). So a few weeks later UPS finds my lost phone and sends it back to SENDER I screenshot everything and conversations. I sent it to my bank and Boost Mobile and they are refusing to do anything about it won’t give me a refund and just laugh at me on the phone when I told them about the situation.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

A refund plus pain, and suffering.

How would you rate your experience with Boost Mobile?
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Submitted by: Anonymous in New Jersey | Read more Boost Mobile complaints

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