Discover Collections Issues

Discover Collections Issues

What Discover did:
I had my account suspended and was on a payment plan because I had been laid off from two jobs and didn’t want to close my account. I completed the payment plan on December 2020 and was told they would review my account monthly to see when it would be reinstated. I just received an email last night saying my account was closed. I called this morning and the representative said based on TransUnion report, they were going to close it due to delinquencies. I have been paying all my bills on the now that I have my new job and i have been on time with my payments for discover since 2020 so I don’t know they just closed my account. I have been with them for over 5 years and I would like it to be reinstated but representative said they couldn’t do anything about it. Please help.

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I would like for them to reinstate my account.

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