Lyft Locked My Account

Lyft Locked My Account

What Lyft did:
Lyft deactivated my account because a rider placed false allegations against me. I asked for information about the claim and investigation and they wouldn’t say anything. They claimed to have evidence but I know that isn’t true because I never did the actions that were claimed against me. I need an attorney to help me subpoena Lyft for records, file a claim against them for wrongful deactivation and loss of wages, and file a suit against the rider making that claim for loss of wages, defamation of character, and emotional damage.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

Remove that claim from my record, reactivate my account, and pay for my loss of wages I would have made if I were able to still work.

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Submitted by: Anonymous in Georgia | Read more Lyft complaints

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