Equifax Hurt My Credit

Equifax Hurt My Credit

What Equifax did:
Has continuously refused/blocked access to my credit report for over 3+ years, despite my providing notarized fraud affidavits and police report number, falsified statements to the bbb, CFPB, myself, ect. Lying and stating I only have a report in Canada. I have repeatedly submitted proof of identity, and verification of address via certified return receipt. All of which violates consumer laws, credit defamation, and disability rights. I am a victim of fraud/identity theft, yet Equifax has chosen for over 3+ years to refuse to acknowledge complaints and this fraud, used fraudulent accounts to repeatedly block my access, then 5 years later, sends a letter stating they may have not included debts, all without giving me legal access to dispute. I despise this company and it’s illegal, unethical tactics!

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

Compensation for fdcpa violations, compensation for lies, blocking my access, violating my disability rights and rights while being a victim of fraud

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Submitted by: Anonymous in California | Read more Equifax complaints

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