Snap Finance Overcharged Me / Hidden Fees

Snap Finance Overcharged Me / Hidden Fees

What Snap Finance did:
Applied credit and granted over $4000.00 in credit to use at any snap finance location. However, upon this decision, I was not informed that once I financed furniture for $2900, that I would no longer have access to the $4000 I was originally approved for. I was sent reminders for 2 months that I had $1100 left with 60 days remaining to use this since this did add up to what I originally was approved for plus the amount I financed. When I asked what happened, supervisors did not thoroughly explain, but stated, once this decision is made, snap finance wont under any circumstances, reverse and or overturn this decision. I’m like, what decision, I was already approved, how does a company grant credit, then decide to only acknowledge a certain amount of credit already approved? I was instructed that the remaining amount ($1100) was pre approval despite me providing documentation, verification, and copies of texts and emails stating otherwise), I was told via phone by agents and supervisors that I still had until 11/9/21 to use the remaining $1100 of my original approved amount of $4000+ in 10/21. So, because I wrote a letter/email explaining the provable allegations listed above, in November 2021, while my wife was attempting to make split payments (so much ach and the remaining via credit card) due to my situation of surgery, snap finance gives my wife issues, staying on calls for 50+minutes, only notes partial payments, (11/21&12/21) removes my wife’s authorization (12/21), states that her authorization is restored, fails to notate my account regarding split payments, and as of (1/22), acts as if for the last 2 months, payments have not been being made via ach and credit card every month. In fact, this repeated discrepancy sends a false reading in the system as if we constantly pay late which would result in my account being sent to collections illegally along with the already deceptive credit practices, lies, and games which have already occurred and have been sent to corporate which is no help, not to mention the emails I’ve sent with the account number only to get a response addressing myself as “I cant create an account” , ultimate disrespect as per the account number listed on the contract is my correct government name. Finally, spoke with a supervisor who forced me to sign up for automatic ach withdrawals (after my wife demanded that this is not wanted, which is why we were advised to call in every month, to avoid this), with a supervisor by the name of randall who guaranteed and promised to remove this automatic ach February 3, 2022 after my wife called 1/28/22 to have the remaining partial payment immediately taken. This makes me skeptical because I was promised and guaranteed $4000+ in credit, snap lied, my wife was told via recorded and monitored call, these issues would not continue and I had until 2/8/22 to take advantage of the “early buyout/payout” program giving me 100 days to pay off this entire balance, snap lied, now, my wife was tricked into automatic ach payments after being told we can not split payments. Snap finance repeatedly and continuously, lies!

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

Compensation for credit scamming, deceptive credit practices, continuously harassing my wife via phone, removing her authorization, lying/falsifying statements after being supplied verification/correspondence verifying allegations, compensation for violating fdcpa laws pursuant in California, correspondence sent validating why credit approval amount was lowered illegally after giving approval of $4000+ yet, only letting me access $2800+ of that credit without legally explaining/sending correspondence in writing what made this decision, refusing to provide written correspondence and informing me that if I want an explanation, I’ll have to specifically request in writing, when according to fdcpa laws (California), anytime a decision is made regarding consumer credit, consumer is automatically supposed to receive correspondence detailing an explanation. This company snap finance needs to be evaluated regarding their IGNORANCE of state laws, credit practices, and deceptive lending.

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