Westlake financial Hurt My Credit

Westlake financial Hurt My Credit

What Westlake financial did:
On December 1 I made a partial payment of $150 they said they put it in deferred and took the repo off ,I then was put in the hospital for critical condition due to no iron after I left i became positive for covid while I was positive covid which Westlake said was 45 days past my payment they took my car while the repo guy was here I called and tried to make a full payment they denied me and told me in order to keep my car I would have to make a $1k payment ,the next morning I called and the price went up to $1500 then by Friday it was up to $2k . All with in a 4 day period .

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

Remove the car from my credit free and clear .

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