Acima Leasing Overcharged Me / Hidden Fees

Acima Leasing Overcharged Me / Hidden Fees

What Acima Leasing did:
On January 13, 2022 I was in the Orange Park mall in Orange Park Florida. I was headed out and stop by Armoni Jewelers Store for two reasons. The first one was they were new, and the second one was too checkout their earrings prices. I was approached by the young man in the store and he showed me a couple of nice earrings, however, they were a little more than I had on me. So, they young man asked me did I want to apply for a credit card. Long as I had a job and steady income they would approve me. Not one time did he every tell me I was applying for a lease. He asked me to sign so, he could check my credit which is the normal but NOT ONE TIME did he ever mention to me that it was a lease. At first he said they approved me for a $400 dollar credit limit. Then he said that they approve me for a $550 dollar credit limit but not one time did he say this was a lease. I did not learn that I was on a lease until I check my e-mail on January the 19. Once I was made aware of the problem I call Acima asap too inform them that I never signed any lease. I only sign for them too check my credit. Upon speaking to Acima call center representatives she informed me that I was not the only customers that has called in because merchant like Armoni Jewelers had given out false information to them and had them to sign false paperwork. The merchant tells you that you have 90 day’s same as cash. However, that is not true by far! Acima said they DO NOT do 90 day’s same as cash , but the do 90 days and had attached almost $150 more dollars to my pay off balance in those 90 day’s. But I left the store owing $575.00 and they said in order to pay off the earrings of in 90 day’s it will cost me $678.00. Acima and every merchant fail to inform to let their customer’s know the truth before signing . Then when you want too cancel they take you through all type of changes. Then refuse to gave you back all the money that you put into the deal. Acima states that they keep the money for as long as you had the product. Because they knew it will take up to 14 weeks. They don’t give you an upfront down payment they go by what you paid. And then say your first payment of $118.00 is what your down payment was. They are scamming people and if this like a rent a center program. They tell you what you down payment is and what your payment is upfront. They don’t send you know e-mail later.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

Pay me for the mental stress, the emotion stress, and all the other damage that came with it. Be totally upfront with every customer. Admit and release the customers out of the lease when they let you know that they was not may aware that it was a lease . Instead of fussing and calling the customer a LIE.

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