Amazon Bad Customer Support

Amazon Bad Customer Support

What Amazon did:
Hi Jeff/Andy

I am no longer trying to force a contact with either of you

I have literally tried hundreds of ways to contact someone (I wont explain, see the 70 emails I have sent both of you)

I have been advised by lawyers to try everything to resolve and update you step by step to jump in at the last minute and somehow (I don’t have a clue how fix this so I am happy)

At the moment I am at the stage of hating amazon. Jeff when you were in charge is was my favourite

Just So you know

I have an interview with a national paper on Thursday at 9AM I will be realease ing my book about the whole affair (even if not resolved on Friday 12pm. It doesn’t need and edit as it is all emails, twitter requests of you two, amazon transcripts etc I havent yet collated it all but estimate 600-1000 pages (enough for 2 books) I am contacting soon national new channels Consumer affairs sites ShieldVOC has offered to represent me and I am in the process of this I will be suing for personal damages and all monies owed I will make sure that the impact of the 200 requests on deaf ears will he heard I sufferef brain damage for 6.5 years until recently and will make thi is taken into account I wrote a book about it, which I can use as proof (pre edit but all content)

Oh yes and then I will look atsyndication in the US and Asutralia

And to distribute everything I have to your international competitors to allow them to compete against amazon

Only last Friday I was approaching both of you about a book of your initial vision of customer obsession

It will take substantial intellect to solve this problem now

However I have not seen any from anyone in amazon so far You will not look good. Please solve

Will update or I will take another path I never wanted to take You let it get so bad, that now is going to be much more difficult to resolve

All the best, hope family is well

Andy did you ever actually go to the Amazon offices as CEO. It always seems you were at photoshoots


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