CreditOne Bank Lied About the Price

CreditOne Bank Lied About the Price

What CreditOne Bank did:
Didn’t comply with Card agreement. Agreement states: 500 credit line, $39 Annual Fee. When I received the card and activated it my balance was $461 and NOT $500 meaning the already took the $39. Nope, they’re billing another $39 stating I haven’t paid yet. I asked them why they took $39 in the beginning then? They said: because you didn’t pay yet! I said I just got the card less than 500 means you took the 39 they argued I spoke with 3 different people, including a super and a manager, they said “that’s how we bill, how else we are supposed to charge?” Told them either you give $500 like agreed and bill me 39 so I pay, or since you already from the beginning you only gave me $461 assume payment received. They said NO they’re stealing from me and try to convince me that it’s ok and I am the one not understanding! I understand they’re taken $39 twice! They did not comply with agreement, and no where does it state in the agreement how and where and when this payment is billed or proceed, besides ($39 anual fee) then they get the chance to steal from me? Please help! They should be looked at for other @#$%&! transactions.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

Rewrite their agreement on how fees deducted or billed. How much ACTUAL balance will consumer receive ! Retrain customer service and managers on common sense and customer service. Waive my fees ALL of then because they wasted my time! I missed class because I was on the phone for an hour or so! they hurt my health as well! They frustrated me to the point my throat hurt from repeating myself! If I knew how I’d sue them for $39 Million for their illegal acts ! And deceiving behavior, and bogus agreement that they don’t stick with.

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