Discover Hurt My Credit

Discover Hurt My Credit

What Discover did:
Tiok out a loan many years ago. Had financial difficulties and entered into a payment agreement with automatic payments, so they would always be on time. Never received any statements and could not get help to reset my info to get onto my account on line. So i stopped trying. Then the beginning of January 2022 i get a letter saying they had not received my last 2 payments ($137.00 per month)and to send $1,418.08 past due amount? I contacted them right away regarding it and payed $274.00 the missed payments. But was told my loan reached its maturity date and they couldnt take thosr payments anymore. I discussed it in length with them and they agreed to do $150.00 payments per month for 9 months to pay off loan done with automatic payments again. Today 2-1-22 i get another letter telling me my account was past due and to pay $1144.08 or by ******** my account would be charged off. They have already reported me to the credit bureau and my credit score dropped 80+ points. So i called again and was told i had to pay in full by ******** or it would be reported late and charged off even though i was making automatic payments and it would remain on my credit report for 7 years further lowering my credit score. I was never told this in January when i called. I have worked hard to rebuild my credit score from previous issues many years ago and was told there was nothing they could do. So why keep paying on it?? If their going to charge it off and still take payments?

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I will only continue to make payments if they stop reporting me late and charging off. I believe they can stop reporting it as pass due.. and not sure how they can charge off when I’m still paying on it

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