DoorDash Lied About the Price

DoorDash Lied About the Price

What DoorDash did:
they were all rude , they deleted my order, they lied about what the dasher did with my order. they didn’t even offer compensation. I had to order 3 times and more and they deleted all my orders and they never gave me food or compensation, also all the customer service people were rude and being disrespectful, they were purpose playing a game to not get the help to get my order.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

I want you to get shut down this is done, close ur fukcing doors u have hurt too many people because my bank account lost so much money, and I had a really bad anxiety attack where I passed out and almost died, and they were being racist , and they told me mean names, I can’t even deal , because I want this about , because discrimination, assault with words, harassment, false play, fraud,

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Submitted by: Anonymous in Kansas | Read more DoorDash complaints

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