Facebook Marketplace Overcharged Me / Hidden Fees

Facebook Marketplace Overcharged Me / Hidden Fees

What Facebook Marketplace did:
I have been selling items through Facebook Marketplace for several years now. I have alit of amazing reviews and I’ve really enjoyed it. When you sell items thru Facebook Marketplace you’re given the choice to sell only locally or you can choose shipping for out of state sales & locally too if you want. When you make a sell, someone goes to your sales add on Facebook Marketplace and they click the BUY button and Facebook charges their choice of payment, and the seller ONLY gets paid AFTER the item sold is acceptable at delivery. It usually takes 1-5 days after an acceptable delivery, Facebook then deposits money taken from the buyer and deposits it into your chosen account(bank/PayPal), and I chose my bank. I e never had a lot of issues other than someone buying an item and then wanting their money back WITHOUT SENDING YOUR ITEM BACK TO YOU, and FB is suppose to contact you if there is any discrepancies and let you know about it, well they never once have let me know about several items being canceled and they’ve credited back the buyer and never returned my items back to me. They also have it listed that ALL SALES ARE FINAL AND NO RETURNS, but they have what’s called buyers protection, if buyer isn’t satisfied they make a claim and then seller is notified and then FB investigates and if there’s reasonable cause, they’ll return money and buyer is suppose to return item too back to seller. That is if buyer listed item wrong or item wasn’t up to par, or exactly as listed in sale post. Well I’ve had about 5 items that I wasn’t notified about not 1 time and I just didn’t get my payment from my item. I contacted FB and they just said it was buyers protection and buyer made a claim against me. Well everything other than that has been ok up until this past December 2021. I sold at least 5-6 items and purchased 2 items that was canceled and I have yet to get my money back from Facebook. I sold a jacket for $25, never got paid for it. I sold a MAURICES sweater for $15, never got paid for it. I sold 2 pair of leggings for $15 never got paid for them. I also paid over $7 for a leather jacket and the seller cancelled my order and I never got credited back my money for that, and a pair of earrings for $5.32 that was canceled and I never got credited back for that either. I’ve contacted Facebook over 100 times since December in regards to this issue and ADAM keeps telling me that I’ve been paid for these items when in fact I haven’t. It clearly shows on my Facebook Marketplace Commerce profile and my sales page what’s been paid for and the exact amount deposited into my bank and only 2 deposits were made in December, one for $8.35 Dec.3, 2021 and $13. On Dec, 23, 2021 that is it! I’ve sent them screenshots showing the reference numbers on my payments and that there has been a mistake and they keep telling me that I’ve been paid to contact my bank if I have any questions. Well 8 have and my bank has seen no other entries from Facebook other than the 2 I showed them. They keep denying me my money. I really needed it last Christmas too, as I’m disabled raising my 1 year old granddaughter. Everytime I speak with ADAM he gets smart thru email and sends me whatever amount I’m asking for that it’s been paid. They literally had me locked out if my account for over a month and a half as well over me demanding my money and I got a new phone for Christmas and I answered all the security questions and they still wouldn’t let me back in to my account. I even sent a photo of my driver’s license as proof and they still wouldn’t let me back in. In the meantime all this has happened and I’ve been locked out of my FB account, I’ve had people purchasing items from me and I’ve been unable to get into my account to print out the shipping label and send off item. Now FB is punishing me until May, saying, since I have 55% cancellation for not sending items purchased, out within 3 days, I cannot sell anything until May, and it’s all bcuz of them having me locked out and owing me over $50 at least. I’ve tried to go to FB support and Everytime I try and send a message, it pops up that I already have, so I can’t send anymore, FAIR SHAKE PLEASE HELP ME GET MY MONEY BACK AND MY NAME BACK IN GOOD STANDING!

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

I want at least $1000 for the pain and suffering 9f having to be completely stressed out trying to get my money in order to get Christmas for my granddaughter. I also want my “Good” name back and ALL THE CANCELLATIONS TAKEN off my name, as if I cancelled their orders, not Favebook. I want them to know Facebook cancelled orders, not me! I also want the extra money on items I sold a f never got paid back for bcuz Facebook to buyers word for cancelling or filing a complaint without notifying me one time during every single claim made they never contacted me. I only found out when I didn’t receive my payment for items sold i

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