GEICO Product Wasn’t What I Was Promised

GEICO Product Wasn’t What I Was Promised

What GEICO did:
me and calabash cousin signs up for geico, myself being the owner and other person is policy holder. no where during the process asked us if myself or policy holder is the registered owner it never stated that the policy holder has to be the owner of the car. however long story short after accumilating 2 claims vandilism and than accident adjuster cj takes us through the whole process settle the claim my car is now sitting in auction at this time, geigo payed for our rental for 10 days but still not settled had to extend rental and per cj when i asked is this going to be done by the time rental has to be returned cj states yes. cj sends me down to remove my belongings from my car cause they decided its a total lost . cj states theyll pay off ally and send balance in a check. they settled for about 17,000 all togeather for both claims. after all this brandon finally contacts us to say that they will not cover the car cause policy holder is not the owner of the car when they knew all along before deciding to settle and sign my car off to them etc. that i was the owner. now in demand my car back and come to find out i have to go get it from the auction. so now they went way beyond measures to only at the end say there not covering the car. to remind you no car for a month , waiting with no responses, having to find ride each day that i have to go to work,now im back on car payment for a month cause they said car is a total lost and they will pay ally off, etc. i spoke with supervisor and supervisors boss as well. how can i get paid

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