money lion Overcharged Me / Hidden Fees

money lion Overcharged Me / Hidden Fees

What money lion did:
i get mine and my daughters ssdi direct deposited into money lion checking acct and at 1:12 am on feb 1st 2022 both checks were deposited and then about 30 minutes later 5 separate deposits of unauthorized instacash transactions were deposited into acct just to be withdrawn 20 minelayer leavn me at a loss of 2072.90 all the money i have all my bills won’t get pd i have no way to borrow or get any help from anyone and they are gonna investigate it i was on the phone with rep explaining what was going on when the first 2 transactions were still in pending status and the third occurred when on phone they coulda stopped pymt locked acct something coulda been done immediately so the transactions would have been stopped but was tod nothing could be done i have to wait till posts completely on acct then i can dispute which could take another 90 days i dont no what to go i was on a limited income to begin with now i don’t have nothing in acct but ******** they took 2072.90

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i want my money back and any fees i incur anywhere to be rectified by them

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