Postmates Lied About the Price

Postmates Lied About the Price

What Postmates did:
I ordered from WAWA at 3 AM. The driver literally pulled up and said he was going to get my chips and never returned. I have contacted this company through twitter, the support chat (9 times to be exact) and I’m also filing this complaint. I have gotten sick three times because of my food never because I had not eaten all day. No one seems to care and everyone is brushing it off like it’s okay for someone to blatantly steal my money. I’ve requested multiple refunds and at this point I’m tired. Nothing is being done.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

I’d like an apology for this crazy inconsiderate customer service. A refund for my food and also the food that I ordered. In addition to this I would like $20 in credit for having to deal with multiple disrespectful agents who refused to get me to a supervisor and also I want the credit for not receiving my food and puking for not being able to eat tonight. I have been dealing with this situation since 3 AM in the morning and it is now 6:39 AM

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Submitted by: Anonymous in Florida | Read more Postmates complaints

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