Regions Bank Overcharged Me / Hidden Fees

Regions Bank Overcharged Me / Hidden Fees

What Regions Bank did:
I was scammed by an online loan company that tried to deposit a mobile check in my account. I reported it to the Branch Manager on Natchez Mississippi. He told me there wasn’t anything he could do because it was pending even after I explained to him well idc if it’s pending I didn’t and don’t deal with any kind of checks as I have always used my check card. After being given the runaround I reported this particular Branch Manager to Corporate only for him to write me some very unprofessional letters and even a telephone call lead to him telling me I would be arrested if I called any Regions branch or come to a Regions branch because my account has been closed and Regions doesn’t wish to have a relationship with me as a customer anymore. So I go to another branch as I am a 43 year old disabled person on limited income to see why my SSI CHECK IS SHOWING AVAILABLE BUT THEN later showing pending. Well it was because the Branch Manager being retaliatory towards me for reporting him put a Branch Manager hold on my account so that no other Regions branch could release my funds after issuing a so called ticket. Now my bills will be even more late all the bills that were setup for draft will be charging me return fees etc. All because this unprofessional Narcissist got mad about me reporting him not doing his job properly from the very day I walked in. He even tried to make me look like a criminal to the back office by not submitting my documents showing CONCRETE PROOF I had been scammed and my account had been compromised.

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