Charter Spectrum Bad Customer Support

Charter Spectrum Bad Customer Support

What Charter Spectrum did:
My wife and I decided to switch our cell provider from Sprint to Spectrum Mobile about December 12th 2021. We could not port our phone number so had to both get new numbers. Even though we have many unlocked paid for cellular phones, spectrum advised us that none of the phones we owned could be used on their network so we would have to order 2 cellular phones from Spectrum. My wife already has a newer unlocked Galaxy S21 so that is the phone she ordered. I was told if we do two lines on one account we would pay the advertised $29.99 per line for unlimited service. On The day we ordered the 2 lines we were told that the first payment of $45.00 would be due for unlimited service but the following bill would have a credit of about $15 a line to get the advertised $29.99. My wife’s phone required $366.00 down payment on her $799.99 phone, a $10 activation fee, $18.09 for the first payment of her phone and the $45 for her lines 1st month service plus taxes. I ordered a Samsung A02 and required $55 down payment on the A02 for $119.99 total price, $45 for first month service, $2.71 for first payment on the A02, plus taxes. Our first payment was $616.20 to have the 2 phones shipped to our home. On 12/13/2021 we were told the phones shipped for order #5416223. We both received our phones as expected. On 12/17/2021 I called Spectrum to advise them the A02 would not work for me and would need an upgraded phone and return the A02. On 12/18/2021 order #5469173 was processed for me to return the A02 to Spectrum and at that time they would refund the down payment, monthly service charge, the $2.71 for 1st payment and the taxes but they could not give exact amount until the received the return. The A02 was required to be returned within 20 days of receiving my replacement phone. On 12/18/2021 I was charged again a down payment of $279.00 for a $799.99 Galaxy S21, $43.55 for 1st month service, $10 activation and taxes. My total payment was $388.55 and be required to trade in my Samsung phone that I used on straight talk services so I could also receive a $182.00 credit for trading in my old phone. On 12/18/2021 the Galaxy S21 was shipped and delivered on 12/23/2021. When we opened the box, instead of receiving a $799.99 S21, there was a Motorola Moto E that has value of $119.99. My wife called Spectrum that we need a Galaxy S21 shipped to us and a return package for the A02 and Moto E. They were going to charge, ANOTHER $388.55 for the S21 to be shipped. After lengthy conversation a supervisor agreed to send a S21 with no extra charges and I’d still get a credit when they receive the A02 and the Moto E was to be returned. On December 27th they shipped the S21 and we received the phone the following day 12/28/2021. I called and requested shipping labels for the Moto E, a shipping label for the A02 and a shipping label for my old trade in phone. On January 3rd after many calls I was told a shipping label as sent by email for USPS for my trade in, and one for FEDEX for the A02. She said she would have to request a shipping label for the MOTO X as it needs to be shipped separately from the A02 return and it would also be emailed later that day. I NEVER ‘still’ have not received and return label for the Moto X after many repeated calls to Spectrum. I was calling and waiting for the shipping label to be emailed so I could take all 3 phones and ship them separately. After waiting a week for the label I never received, on 01/10/2022 I shipped the A02 and my trade in both to make sure they received within 20 days of receiving my replacement phone that arrived 12/28/2021 so the return had to be received within 20 days. I figured from 12/28/2021 – 01/15/2022 was just under 20 days and would be okay for them to receive it. I shipped 01/10/2022 and FedEx attempted delivery 01/12/2022 but noted it was held overnight due to ‘weather Conditions’ GedEx says Spectrum received the A02 on 01/13/2022 at 12:10pm. I then made more repeated calls to customer service to have label sent to return the Moto E . I was told verbally 20 days to return but on 01/14/2022 I received email from Spectrum they received A02 01/14/2022 at 9:48 am and they are refusing the return due to policy says 14 days to return. They shipped the A02 back with nothing else I returned it with, the power cord, warranty info, or even the box it comes in. Spectrum sent phone ONLY on a piece of cardboard and saran wrapped inside a general shipping box. I didn’t stress because since ordering there have been mishaps on Spectrum side and figured they would make it right. I called AGAIN requesting a return label for the MOTO X and I was told I was supposed to use the SAME label and tracking for the MOTO E and the A02. I explained I was told repeated they were requesting a FedEx return label for the MotoE. Customer service said they cannot take the A02 back at all and I’m required to pay the full price for the A02. Okay, well I still need a shipping label for the motoE but was told I was supposed to print 2 of the same label and ship A02 and MotoE in separate boxes. I explained I was verbally told differently and have been waiting and calling for a shipping for the MotoE. I told her I can’t reprint the old label and FedEx says I need a new one. Customer service disagreed and said the A02 And MOTO X were outside of the return time and I will now be charged for both phones. PROBLEM is the Moto E they sent was shown to be a Galaxy S21 in there system so they are not going to charge the Moto X price of $119.99 for phone I received but they charged my bank account for $855.99 the price of the Galaxy S21 I NEVER received. The charged was declined due to low funds and overdrew my account. They also refused to refund activation fee and month service on the A02 even tho I didn’t use a month of service with that phone. I have called repeatedly to try to work something out but to no avail. I’m told they will call me later that day, then tomorrow, but it’s now February 1st and I still have not got any help in returning the $119.99 Moto E they sent me, but charging me $855.99 for the MotoX. All I’ve asked over MANY calls and HOURS spent talking to Spectrum is 2 Galaxy S21 phones with the $29.99 per line. But since finally getting my S21 activated 12/28/2022 I’ve paid $1004.75 and still owe $1354.99 on our phones plus a bill due February 6th that will be over one thousand dollars. Please I need help. I just get told things with no accountability for their mis truths and expected to pay about $2567.99 for two S21 and one MotoX. Plus the $120+ for the A02. I’ve worked diligently to get everything straight from day one and 6 weeks later being ignored and billed. Please advise me. PLEASE. This is not right. Each representative say they understand my concerns and their dropping the ball but nothing they can do about it.

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Take A02 BACK and refund the charges for that, take back moto X and remove the $855.99 bill for a $119 phone. Or open to other options, cancel account return all phones and return our money. I just want what was RIGHT

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