DoorDash Unauthorized Robocalls

DoorDash Unauthorized Robocalls

What DoorDash did:
First I would receive orders with guaranteed minimum payment of for delivery. However on multiple occasions once food was delivered the amount would be less than guaranteed.
I mean issue is I have been with doordash many many years I have over 2,700 and something deliveries without any incident. I maintain high ratings.
I actually had just received such a high rating that I was considered for doordasher of the month. Later that same day after logging in or should I say attempting to log in I was unable to. After that shift and I was trying to log into was over which was 2 hours later I’ve been received an email saying I have been deactivated for not delivering orders as promised or marked. I tried to appeal this decision but since no more information was given I don’t even know which deliveries they feel were not delivered. I’ve always made sure the customer gets their food. If there are any issues with the address or customer not being there I reach out to customer service every time and follow their instructions. So for me to appeal the decision I would need to know what the circumstances were. This was never provided. My request for information was denied. As was my appeal.
To be accused of a fraudulent activity I would seriously think there’d have to be some type of proof. How could somebody appeal something with not even a date a time which delivery nothing nothing. And how did I go from one of the best dashers that morning not taking any orders and then being deactivated. I’m unable to contact anybody regarding the matter. And the response to my deactivation appeal didn’t have a closing on the email that said if you have further response to please reply to this email. When I try to reply to this email it says it’s no longer valid. What do I do?
No I have been deactivated for a few days and remove the app from my phone. However for the days and times I was already signed up to work I keep receiving repeated SMS messages to my phone. I did call customer service they said the problem was resolved. And I still continue to get harassed by messages telling me I’m scheduled to dash. Since some of these hours are in the day somewhere overnight it’s really messing with me.

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