Pnc Hurt My Credit

Pnc Hurt My Credit

What Pnc did:
I am a customer with PNC Bank I’ve been with PNC Bank for over 4 years I had an unfortunate situation which led me to have information that could be properly verified I have spoke to PNC Bank located at front street downtown Youngstown on the Southside and also PNC Bank off of these employees or supervisors show no effort and helping me out in a efficient convenient way however I maintain to get the same information that was able to manage to get my information recovered I would like to take immediate action against these employees who might not be fit for their job, I want to PNC Bank and off of 224 around the time frame of 11:00 to 12:30 a.m. I would like an investigation so immediately take place to find out those employees or supervisors name so they will get the proper discipline needed

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I am not looking for a refund I just feel I was treated horribly those managers are supervisors made me feel like I was a thief like I didn’t know any answers however I knew all answers which could give them confidence of who I am however they never gave me the opportunity North showed any thrive to help they show that they didn’t care that even though I was with the company long period of time they treated me as if I was a stranger which is completely unacceptable!!

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