Santander Consumer USA Unauthorized Robocalls

Santander Consumer USA Unauthorized Robocalls

What Santander Consumer USA did:
I am stuck in an auto loan contract with Santander that I cannot afford. Nobody I’ve tried will refinance me either bc I should’ve never been financed to begin with. My interest rate is 20.8%, car payment $458 a month- I’m a self-employed housekeeper & also a single mother to 3 children. I usually only bring in around $13,000 (give or take) each year so there is no possible way my that any of my living expenses or even just my rent was factored in when considering me for this loan. I feel I was objected to unnecessarily high levels of risk through high loan-to-value ratios & high payment-to-income ratios. This was my very first experience buying/financing a vehicle & I feel I was taken advantage of by the dealer bc I was unsure of what I was doing. Looking over my paperwork I see he even lied & said I traded my Cadillac for $1000 trade in towards my new vehicle, wrote the vin # etc., when that is just w flat out lie. I’ve been paying my loan for at least 8 months now & haven’t even paid a thousand of my principal yet. For both the month of dec & Jan I made partial payments of around $214 each that paid NOTHING towards my principal whatsoever- which was not explained to me prior to me making those payments..still hasn’t been explained to me but I’m reading about it online from other customers that were also taken advantage of just like me. I feel I was pegged & put I to this loan so I would default on it My credit score is REALLY suffering bc of this company. The stress & anxiety this company has & is putting on me is unreal. There’s no possible way for me to ever get it caught back up now that I made those 2 partial payments. No way to catch it up, no way out of contract, and no way to refinance.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

I would like for them to take into consideration everything I said, along with the actual value and waive the balance

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Submitted by: Anonymous in South Carolina | Read more Santander Consumer USA complaints

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