Vivint Locked My Account

Vivint Locked My Account

What Vivint did:
My Vivint cameras have not been reliable for over a year. Unplug and replug sir. Is the answer I got. Two drive by shootings on two different weekends,not recorded. 7700+ minutes one of the cameras have been out. I just paid off 1500 dollar balance on equipment that was supposed to be for the inconvenience of the first issue I had. This system is *******. 24 hrs daychat….no don’t think so. Wasted tons of money. Stronger internet modem and router with faster speeds….same results. This is a 1600 ft house. They said I should be able to run a hotel floor with this. Yes Vivint and internet providers ran speck. Everything was excellent. I want it cut off and I want my money back because this is a scam. Contracts have 2sides. I pay thus I can rely. Negative. I’ve had techs out. I’ve had internet boosted. And this is all supposedly on file with Vivint. I sure I’m glad my guns don’t fail like this

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