Brinks Home Security Won’t Let Me Cancel

Brinks Home Security Won’t Let Me Cancel

What Brinks Home Security did:
They said that i agreed to an extra 5 years at 19.99 a month.
This did not happen. I called to get my monthly fee down because I paid off the initial purchase of the alarm. The man said I would have a 19.99 a month payment for life. I agreed to that. No mention of a 5 yr contract. I am moving and they said I can’t cancel and I owe over $300 for the rest of the contract.
The second thing is that the 19.99 payment has gone up to 25.99 a month.
I can’t get through to them, they refuse to end my service. I asked them to provide me with a copy of the tape that I had supposedly agreed to a 5 year term. They said a supervisor would call me back, that was weeks ago.
Am on the phone with them now, they just hung up on me. I can’t get into my account online either.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

Cancel my account, refunding me all funds above $19.99 month for the time since I paid off my equipment. And, submitting to me a copy of the tape that supposedly says I agreed to a 5 year contract. Uphold my $19.99 monthly payment until I move. And, if there is no proof that I agreed to 5 years then Cancel My Account, without further incidents.

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