Santander Consumer USA Hurt My Credit

Santander Consumer USA Hurt My Credit

What Santander Consumer USA did:
So I have my car for two year where I pay 604$ a month, don’t get me wrong I had a couple hardships where I had to skip couple payment but I alway get back up and start paying it after two months. On November 21, 2021 I was ran over by a haul truck broke my ankle where I had to get screws in my ankle so I’m out of work until April 2022. I call Santander and explain my situation, they said all I have to do is call and set up payment arrangements because the can’t give me another extension until February 2022. Once I’m paying on it I can keep the car, they wouldn’t even flag my credit, that’s a lie they did they didn’t tell me I had a certain time to pay off each month else it would be considered late. Anyway February came around for the extension where I would skip February and March and pay off December and January during that time, the going to saying I’m going though a hardship and they are going to deny to skip payments because they don’t know when I’ll be back at work and I can’t give them a time when immu pay the account in full, mine u I said if I get the extension for two months that will give me time to pay off December and January so when April come and I’m back to work everything will be up to date.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

Give me a extension I wish I could just overall get out of this loan with them the worst company ever.

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