Uber Bad Customer Support

Uber Bad Customer Support

What Uber did:
I woke up this morning with two charges on my Venmo debit card. One for ******** and one for ******** totaling 131.35. I haven’t used Uber in 2 years and it’s not even on my phone anymore not only that is I was sleeping when the charges happened. I can’t get in touch with anyone about the charges so now I’m stuck with it and I was supposed to give my insurance company $800 today and now I can’t because they took that money. Now my insurance is in a cancellation state at the moment so because of Uber I now don’t have insurance.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

I want my money back and they need to reinstate my insurance because of them I didn’t have the money to pay them. Now I’m afraid to even put my credit card info in anywhere because I’m afraid it’s going to be stolen. I don’t how to deal with this I am already a high stress person, I am a veteran with PTSD so this just messed with me bad.

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Submitted by: Anonymous in Massachusetts | Read more Uber complaints

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