Uber Locked My Account

Uber Locked My Account

What Uber did:
I rent a car through Uber with Hertz. This car is very expensive every week ($340). On Monday 1/31 at 4pm I went to work for the night and my Driver App told me my account needed attention and I couldn’t give rides until I contacted support. After a conversation with the woman on support, I basically found out that there was a glitch where the vehicles rented through Hertz weren’t registering in Ubers system. This issue persisted until Wednesday 2/2 in the morning and I have screenshots of me not being able to work as proof. With this being my full time job, it was like I was showing up to work and my employer saying “sorry we can’t pay you.” I called Uber today (2/4) and asked the supervisor for compensation for those two days and it was like we were having two separate conversations. He refused to understand anything I said and told me there was nobody higher than him I could talk to.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

I would like compensation for two days work or for them to cover my rental car for the week. This is absolutely ridiculous. I would even like compensation for more than that, maybe a week because of the amount of stress this is taking on me and I feel like I’m not being heard.

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