Pnc Hurt My Credit

Pnc Hurt My Credit

What Pnc did:
I opened a business account and made a 12K deposit into that account for working capital, I was encouraged to apply for one of their business credit cards which I did. I got no response from PNC on the credit application I’d forgotten about it until I checked my credit and there was a hard pull on my personal credit account when I’d applied under my EIN, after some searching I’d discovered I’d been denied, a few days later my personal credit card account had the available credit lowered 8K to exactly what I owed them the balance on the card with no warning whatsoever, I’ve had accounts with PNC for several years I’ve never been late on any payment, never had any issues, I had just paid a vehicle I had financed with them off, my credit is around 700. My issue isn’t that they obviously targeted me after I opened my business account with them but they’ve decided they do not want me in their system so I’m moving everything I have to another bank, avoid this institution like the plague, they are horrible, they won’t talk to me or even respond to a message or a call. The balance lowering on the credit card is going to kill my credit score. they pulled more than 8K worth of available credit for zero reason.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

Return my available credit on my PNC Core Card.

Submitted by: Anonymous in Kentucky | Read more Pnc complaints

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