Citibank Bad Customer Support

Citibank Bad Customer Support

What Citibank did:
Bought Stove from Best Buy in December for approx $800. Before we got first bill paid $100 payment. We were charged a late fee, and reports were made to credit bureau that bill wasn’t paid!!! IF we had made payment 2 days later we were told there wouldn’t have been a problem! They removed late fee, but we ended up paying for the stove in full not to have any further dealings with CitiBank!!!! How sad is that? Why would you treat a customer badly because they paid $100 ahead of payment date. We complained to Best Buy as well. This was an unfair practice in our book!!!!!

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

Would like to speak to a District Manager or someone high up in Citibank not a customer service agent. One of the people we talked to said she was in the Phillipines!!!! We used money that we needed for other bills just to not deal with Citibank and their unfair practices!!!!!!!!

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