Progressive Auto Complaint

Progressive Auto Complaint

What Progressive Auto did:
Someone that I was friends with at the time totalled my car that I had purchased only 14 days prior while I was visiting a friend in Florida. I filed a claim in which they agreed to a settlement since the car was totalled. The amount I was quoted in the value report and the claim settlement report were not the same. I waited weeks for a response and didn’t hear back until I finally received a check from progressive labeled “refund of premium paid.” As it had been weeks and I’d been literally living in a hotel from the date of the accident I was strapped for cash so I deposited the check and made my way home to Virginia. It wasn’t until a week or so later that I finally got in touch with my claims adjuster who rudely informed me that I was not covered by the policy because they claim I was “not living in the state the insurance was issued.” That is incorrect. At the time I was a Virginia resident. She then informed me that because I had already deposited the refund it implied I agreed with their finding and they would do nothing further. I am seeking payment for the remainder of the amount quoted for the settlement of the total loss payout I should have received at the time.

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