Expedia Claim for Compensation

Expedia Claim for Compensation

What Expedia did:
On August 17, 2021 I pre-paid for a car limo sedan to pick me up from Denver airport and take me to the ******* Hotel (8.6 miles). I received an email on the 8th telling me to go to the limo area of Ground Transportation to wait for my ride. I went there as instructed. I waited for 30 minutes and finally, after three calls to the CarMel Car Limo service, they reached the driver who then called me to tell me he could not come down to this area because he didn’t have a permit. He made me walk up one flight and across to the other side (where people drop off for flights). When he finally came he was driving a rusted black van with a broken windshield and it had engine problems. When we got to the red light, he had to shut the engine off because it was starting to overheat and rattle. The only reason I got in the vehicle in the first place was because I was feeling sick from a migraine and wanted to get to the hotel so I could lie down and I had already paid ($70.56) for the ride. I called Expedia the next day, when I was feeling better, to let them know what transpired. The gentleman on the other end agreed that this was not the service I had paid for and agreed with me when I requested a refund. He sent an email to the car company requesting the refund. Since then, I have called Expedia and CarMel Limo on at least 4 different occasions. Expedia has sent multiple requests/emails to the car company but the car company is not responding. On 9/14/21 I filed a dispute with my credit card company. On 9/25/21, I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. On 10/4/21, the BBB sent me a response saying that a refund had been made however, when I spoke with my credit card bank, they have received no such refund. Furthermore, when i called Expedia on 10/5/21, the gentleman said no refund was going to be issued. I have been getting the run-around with these two companies for a month. This is my last resort for remediation. All I want is my money refunded to me. I do not feel this is an unreasonable request given the situation. I am willing to go through arbitration if that is what it takes to get my money back. I have been told by Expedia on five different occasions that they approved my refund but had to get some paperwork from the CarMel Car Limo service before they could issue the refund which the limo company is reluctant to do.

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