Lyft Overcharged Me / Hidden Fees

Lyft Overcharged Me / Hidden Fees

What Lyft did:
I am a Lyft driver. On 2/16 from 11 am to 12 pm HST I was offered a bonus: do a 3 ride streak without canceling or going offline and receive an $18 bonus. I did one set of 3 rides and got the $18 bonus. I started a 2nd set of 3 rides and the app verified that I was eligible for the $18 by showing 2 shaded dots after I completed the 2nd ride. Upon completion of the 2nd ride, I waited in the same area for the app to assign me a 3rd ride. After waiting for a few minutes, the app popped up a message that Lyft calls a “safety check.” It asked if everything was ok since I had remained in the same area as my last drop off “for a while.” I clicked “no thanks and the app logged me off, ending my ride streak! I immediately logged back on and completed the next ride that I was offered by the app. I wrote customer service and explained my situation to many representatives including what I believe to be a supervisor. I was informed that because the app automatically logged me off after the “safety check” that I was disqualified from earning the bonus. This is absolutely absurd, as I never gave my consent to be logged off, and I didn’t do anything unusual to make the app log me out. I was simply waiting patiently to be assigned my next ride pickup. I have screenshots of Lyft customer service admitting that I was automatically logged off by the app and that I won’t be given my $18 bonus because of this! The bonus terms state that a driver has to complete the rides consecutively without going offline or canceling a ride. I 100% met these terms.

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I want the $18 ride streak bonus I am due!

Submitted by: Anonymous in Hawaii | Read more Lyft complaints

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