Straight Talk Unauthorized Robocalls

Straight Talk Unauthorized Robocalls

What Straight Talk did:
Straight Talk is changing their service and sent me a new SIM card for my Google Pixel XL phone. It doesn’t work. I tried calling customer service… and waited and waited and waited… and finally talked to someone who spoke with such a strong Asian accent I could not understand a thing they said. I tried with three different people, same result. So after 3 hours of waiting and trying to communicate I finally gave up. I’m resigned to the fact that NOTHING is done in America anymore, but most certainly customer service (NOT!). You either talk to a computer or you talk to a foreigner with such a strong accent you might as well be talking to a tree. “Straight Talk” are you kidding me? How about double talk. My recommendation is use a telephone carrier with a physical location near you so you can actually go in and talk to someone when you have a problem with your service. My recommendation is to avoid Straight Talk.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

Improve customer service so it is actually helping customers.

Submitted by: Anonymous in Maryland | Read more Straight Talk complaints

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