Brinks Complaint

Brinks Complaint

What Brinks did:
I have a home security system and in December 22nd cat set alarm off agent called my husband asked if we would like someone to come out my husband said no. We get home maybe 20 min later alarm still going off my husband turns it off agent asked if we needed assistance my husband said no she said ok we will cancel all dispatches. January my alarm system was suspended due to non payment I called my bank brinks does ach and was paid on 17th of every month I called brinks and they refused to help I asked them please show me on my alarm system where someone came out they put me on hold for almost 3 hours I waited because I was furious. Service were restored no one came back on the phone and they hung up on me. Now again this morning we wake up and service interrupted again says due to non payment again I go online and I paid my bill February 17th. I call customer service and go thru this all over again the rep is laughing she refuses to help I’m getting pissed off because it’s not funny I pay for an alarm system to think I’m helping keep my family safe. So she hamgs up I call corporate and the lady there said we don’t charge it’s a 3rd party company you need to wait to hear from them to see if they will remove charge the while time I think I’m dealing with brinks I guess not. Brinks corporate tells my husband that in your area 3rd party company use the brinks name and pay us but service is handled thru them not brinks technically. This is a huge problem we have alot of crime here just 2 houses down we had swat the Dea and police couple weeks ago is what week woke up to and apparently our neighbor is part of cartel we hear gunshots every night we just bought home 8 months ago we arenin good new gated neighbor hood but that means nothing obviously. Brinks has not once but twice put my family’s safety at risk by suspending services that we have paid for I don’t feel safe having brinks this company is not capable of keeping my family safe with suspending services every.month even though they have been paid it’s taken out ACH. If someone was to have broken in to my home Here I’m thinking my alarm is working and its not. I don’t feel safe using thus company. I tried to cancel today but they keep transferring my calls and laughing and one lady muted me but kept saying Mrs. Cotton can you hear me I can’t hear you I worked in customer service before I know what she was doing this is very serious matter it’s mine and my family’s safety hear at risk and brinks needs to be held accountable and needs to know that you can’t do this. I want brinks to pay the full cancelation my last 2 months I paid and to compensate for me having to get a new security system and for my troubles. I am disabled my husband is a disabled veteran I can’t get downstairs fast enough and my husband sleeps with a breathing machine we rely on the security system to provide that quicker response in case someone was tonhave entered our home.

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Submitted by: Anonymous in Nevada | Read more Brinks complaints

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