TracFone Overcharged Me / Hidden Fees

TracFone Overcharged Me / Hidden Fees

What TracFone did:
Deactivated my existing prepaid service with 3622 minutes and 3 days late because my tracfone was “outdated”, promised free updated phone but then said none “available” and charged me $49.99 for new phone so I could keep all the minutes on old phone. Eliminated me from their website when sent letter of complaint to their corporate headquarters so can no longer get on website to activate new phone. New phone came 15 days later than promised, #800 put me on endless hold and never activated the phone and cannot return it because the return slip with the return address is illegible. Out the money for the new phone, the calling card the 3622 minutes left and my 2nd tracfone will not be able to have days added to it because cannot get onto website and #800 worthless

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A refund and an apology

Submitted by: Anonymous in Oregon | Read more TracFone complaints

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