ADT Claim for Compensation

ADT Claim for Compensation

What ADT did:
ADT came out to my residence in Victorville, CA on 10/4/2021 and initiated security service. I was not home on that day & did not handle the visit. The person who requested & greeted the ADT tech had a prior service contract at another residence with ADT that they cancelled. That account should have been closed and the only thing that should have been sent to my new residence is their closing bill which has nothing to do with me. ADT merged both that persons old account & my new account. When I brought it to there attention that they were sending a statement to the wrong person with the wrong account they said they would correct it. The only corrections made were them putting my name on the bill with the erroneous billing charges. ADT also says that I agreed to a monthly installation contract for equipment for the next 4years. I NEVER had knowledge of or agreed to any installation equipment billing agreement with ADT nor did I EVER sign for one. I never gave them permission to access my credit rating nor did I agree to enter into ANY contract now or in the future stating that I consent to pay them for equipment. I have never had any dealings with ADT prior to October 4, 2021 yet they have created and attached an erroneous billing history to my residence account dating back to March 2021. In this erroneous billing summary they show varying charges & debits to reflect payments & credits. ADT has sent me threats of collections & stated that if I did not put the charges on auto pay they would demand full payment of the equipment installation immediately. I made an effort 2/1/22 to pay the past due charges to my account as of October 4, 2021 for monthly monitoring of $405.00. they did not process the payment instead they email me with a reference to another amount pending 2/12/22 for $471.11. Upon logging into the online account they show a pending amount of $471.11 to be deducted March 5, 2022. The ADT explanation is that they are trying to catch their system up. I have made multiple calls to ADT over the last few months with no resolve.

Today, I followed up with my bank to stop all transactions with ADT because I never entered into contract with them & I want to cancel my account with them & not have my credit negatively affected. Furthermore, I am 60 yrs old, disabled and my finances are not liquid enough to tolerate variable erroneous automatic withdrawals. These people are attempting to take advantage of me and are causing me un necessary stress and concern because of their unfair business practices.

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