ADT Claim for Compensation

ADT Claim for Compensation

What ADT did:
Everything worked initially and I was happy however, roughly a month or two into service my and my husbands ADT app began malfunctioning. Playback videos are either frozen or there is no image at all, doorbell notifications do not work and have no sound alert. Previously before malfunctioning my phone played a ring sound and allowed me to Video call. Alerts for cameras do not come through till up to 5-20 minutes after actual occurrence . I have called ADT multiple times and had multiple service appointments one of which they charged me for. Every time I spoke to someone or had a service rep come out they told me a different reason. One being our phones. We both have newer iPhones with service through Verizon. Still I contacted verizon and made sure all my settings were correct. Another tech from ADT said it was internet. We then contacted our internet and went through appropriate resets. It was not our phones or internet it is the app. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app, reset the security system and my internet multiple times trying to fix this. Upon having another service rep call me via appointment because I did not want to continue paying for someone to charge me for no diagnosis I read the reviews on the app and people are complaining of the same issues We are having. I have made these issues known to multiple people at ADT and spent hours on the phone only for them to tell me there is nothing they can do. I believe ADT has an inferior security app and they are fully aware of it however upon signing a contract with them you are locked in and cannot do anything about the app malfunctioning. Their resolution is to have a computer with me to monitor my home while I am away or on vacation. Not many people Lug around a laptop and have access to the internet on a laptop on vacation. The reason that I joined ADT was to have a functioning security system where I could monitor both the inside and surrounding areas of my home on the go and On my phone. With the current conditions I am unable to do that as the video does not work.

I wish to be released from my contract and refunded for at least a month of service.

Submitted by: Anonymous ADT customer in Palmdale | Read more ADT complaints

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